35mm cameraless animation, Quickdraw Animation Society (QAS).

Etching directly on 35mm opaque film, QAS.

Airbrushing 35mm film.

Portable 35mm projector, QAS.


Artist in Residence, Bogotá, Colombia.

Bogotá, Colombia.

Bogotá, Colombia.

16mm cameraless, Bogotá, Colombia.

One of several window projection screens, 16mm, Bogotá, Colombia.

16mm Cameraless animation, Cordoba, Argentina.

Cordoba, Argentina.

GIRAF 7, Jubilee Auditorium, giant projections in Calgary.

GIRAF 7, Teatro Restaurant, giant projections Calgary.

GIRAF 7, abandon house, giant projections Calgary.


GIRAF 7, large video projecton truck.


Animated Workshop Instructor

2022 Kootenay Film Festival: Civic Theatre, Creston + Salmo BC., Super8 filmmaking.

2022 Twin Rivers Elementary School, Castlegar BC, 16mm cameraless animation.

2021 Unbound Film Festival, Creston and Kimberly BC, 16mm cameraless + stop motion.

2019 7th Siding Festival of Film, Creston BC, 16 cameraless + super8 filmmaking.

2019  Northwest Film Center, Portland Oregon. 16mm optical sound cameraless animation.

2019  Outside In, Portland Oregon. 16mm cameraless animation.

2019  Creston Public Library,  16mm cameraless animation workshop.

2017  Yaqan Nukiy School, Lower Kootenay Band, 16mm cameraless animation.

2017  Creston Public Library, 16mm cameraless animation workshop.

2017  Mormon Hills School, Bountiful BC, 16mm cameraless animation.

2016   Winnipeg Film Group, Canada, 35mm cameraless animation.

2016    Iris Film Collective,  Vancouver Canada,  3 day Artist in Residence at Falaise Park Fieldhouse. Workshops and screenings.

2014-15    ‘ArtStarts in the Classroom’, Mt. Sentinel Secondary School, Crescent Valley BC. Mentoring various animation techniques. Students created animation using ipads as cameras and editing tools. Students also created a live experimental animation dance performance with multi projections. (One day a week for 3 months)

2015   Prince Charles Secondary School, Creston BC ,16mm cameraless animation.

2014   HomeLinks School, Creston BC. 16mm cameraless animation.

2012  Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá Colombia. Three week Artist in Residence as part of the Experimental Animation graduation class final group project creating 35mm cameraless animation digitized to form large outdoor projections through glass windows. Residence included presentations, artist talks and demonstrations.

2011   GIRAF’ Outdoor Projection Project, Quickdraw Animation. Four month residence mentoring group of 4 animators commissioned to produce large scale outdoor projection for site specific locations in Calgary during GIRAF animation festival.

2011   Cordoba International Animation Festival, Argentina, 35mm cameraless animation workshop.

2009   Toronto Animated Image Society at CineCycle, Canada, two day 35mm cameraless animation workshop.  

1993-2013   Quickdraw Animation Society, Calgary Canada. One week each year instructing experimental 35mm cameraless animation workshop.

1998-2008   Gulf Island’s Film and Television School, Galiano Island, Canada. Week long workshops with super8, Bolex camera’s, hand processing b+w film, digital transfer to computer for editing and audio. Emphasis on experimentation to create a one minute film.

2007   CineWorks Independent Filmmakers Society, Vancouver Canada. Two day 35mm cameraless animation workshop.

2007   Film and Video Alliance , Edmonton Canada. Two day 35mm cameraless animation workshop.

2006   Anima Mundi International Animation Festival, Rio de Janeiro + Sao Paulo, Brazil. Several 35mm cameraless animation workshops.

2006   Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, Canada. Hand processing black and white super8 film workshop.

2005   Fantoche International Animation Festival, Baden Switzerland.  24:hours nonstop optical sound cameraless animation workshop.

2005   Toronto Animated Image Society, Canada. Two day 35mm cameraless animation workshop with a screening at CineCycle.

2005   Alberta Media Arts Alliance Society, Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada. Two day super8 animation workshop hand processing film.

2004   Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, Halifax Canada. Two weeks Artist in Residence including presentations, artist talks, workshops with Oxberry Camera, Bolex Camera, cameraless animation. Collaboration with NASCAD experimental animation students and members of the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP).

1999 + 2002   Reel to Real, Celebration of Moving Images for Youth, Vancouver Canada. cameraless animation workshops for youth.  

2002   Northwest Film Forum, Visual Music Festival, Seattle USA. Two day 35mm cameraless animation workshop with optical sound.

2002   BC Student Film Festival, Vancouver Canada, 16mm cameraless animation workshop.

2002   Toronto Animated Image Society, Canada, 35mm cameraless animation workshop.

2001 + 2002   Victoria Independent Film Festival, Canada. 35mm cameraless animation workshop.

2001   CineWorks Independent Filmmakers Society, Vancouver. Two day 35mm cameraless animation workshop.

2000   Nordic + Baltic International Animation Festival, Fredrikstad Norway, 35mm cameraless animation workshop.

2000   Hamburg International Children’s Film Festival, Germany. Several 35mm cameraless animation workshops for youth.

1999   Arts Umbrella: Arts Institute for Young People, Vancouver Canada, 16mm cameraless animation for young people.