Zig Zag:

Following the motif of a zig zag,both sound and picture are drawn directly onto 35mm film. Total running time 1min.

Linear Dreams:

  Images from the Mind’s eye – Music from the Mind’s ear.
Both sounds and pictures are drawn directly onto 35mm film. Total running time 7min.

Sea Song:

A dive into the sparkling ocean at night.
Created during the international year of the ocean, this film celebrates the ocean and expresses environmental concerns about pollution, over fishing, nuclear submarines.
Made by drawing both sounds and pictures onto 35mm film.
Total running time 4min.


Exploring the one to one relationship between sound and picture. Both image and sounds are etched directly onto 35mm film.
The first part of the visuals are actually the sounds you hear.
A type of visual music. Total running time 2.5min.

Element of Light:

Inspired by the elements of nature, air water earth and fire interpreted through the element of light. Cameraless animation, 35mm film.
Total running time 4.5min.

The Yarwood Trail:

  This animation was commissioned by the Toronto Animated Image Society as part of the 11 in Motion Abstract Expressions in Animation project.
Dedicated to Walter Yarwood of the Painters 11, this film was created by carving rubber stamps then dipping them into bleach and pressing the image onto the film. Some of these images were then hand painted. The audio was made by drawing with ink and placing shapes along the optical strip. The sound was inspired from morse code, heartbeats and radio transmissions.
Much of the inspiration was from Walter Yarwood’s sculptures, especially the acid washed bronze and patterns found in his paintings. Total running time 4min.

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