Handcrafted soundtrack by scratching the emulsion off the optical stripe of 35mm motion picture film.

Made by airbrushed yellow ink on negative (orange mask) film, the printed positive, which reverses the colours. From Aura.

A view along the light table. This is about 4 seconds of 35mm film.

A view of film frames being etched with exacto blade. From Yarwood Trail.

Black ink on clear film using isopropyl to make centre area.  From Element of Light.

Fish made with lumocolors. From Sea Song.

Creating a rubber stamp by sculpting with a dremel tool.

Using bleach on a rubber stamp to expose a print into the emulsion. The amount of time exposing the film to the bleach changes the image just like photography.

Bleach stamped image from the Yarwood Trail.

Two frames from Zig Zag showing image and sound. I like how messy the film looks but the projection is as sharp as laser beams.

Two frames from Linear Dreams. Made with atomized ink reworked with exacto blades and lumocolours on clear film.

Mountains by scratching into emulsion of opaque film and coloured ink. From Linear Dreams.

Made by airbrushing red ink onto orange mask film(negative) and printing positive turns it green on black.

Made by scratching into emulsion with circle template registered off the perforations, coloured with ink. Image from 1:1.

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