‘Twilight’ (2016 work in progress) applying moiré, spirograph and interference patterns onto 35mm optical track and recording from moviola into the computer for new soundtrack composition. Inspired by the International Year of Light and light based technologies.

‘Once Upon a Mountain’ (2014 / 3min / watercolour on paper with original music score) based on a true mountain climbing story from the Canadian Rockies. Original music score.

‘Yarwood Trail’ (2009 / 4min. / 35mm) inspired by the artwork of Walter Yarwood, commissioned work for the Toronto Animated Image Society commemorating the Painters 11.

‘Aura’ (2006 / 2.5min./ 35mm) celebration of film as an art-form, commissioned work for the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto, 25 Film Manifesto’s.

‘Element of Light’ (2004 / 4.5min./ 35 mm) exploring the elements of earth, air, water and fire within a context of the element of light.

‘O.I.A.F. Signal Film’ (2002 / 24sec./ 35mm) signal film for Ottawa International Animation Festival.

‘1:1’ (2001 / 2.5min./ 35mm) exploring the one to one relationship between sound and picture.

‘CFMDC Trailer’ (1999 / 30sec./ 35mm) Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre trailer.

‘Sea Song’ (1998 / 4min./ 35mm) an animated look into the sparkling ocean at night.

‘Linear Dreams’ (1997 / 7min./ 35mm) images from the minds eye, music from the minds ear.

‘Zig Zag’ (1994 / 1min./ 35mm) zig zag pictures dance to zig zag sounds.

‘Garbanzo’ (1993 / 2min./ 16mm) abstract forms painted on film move to original jazz music.

‘Major ReBeouf’ (1992 / 3min./ 16mm, cel + paper) mythology created for “Return to Exceptional Pass”, group exhibit at Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff.

‘Story from the Stone’ (1991 / 1min./ 16mm, pastel on paper) inspired from pictographs at Writing on  Stone Provincial Park, Alberta.


2014 : Multi projection lightshows for live music using liquid light slides, motion picture film loops, digital projectors, mirrors, lasers and mylar. Events at Snoring Sasquatch and Wynndel Arts Center.  

2013 : Music video for II Cosmic studio song “Dark City”, time-lapse animated b+w hand processed super8 film shot in Prague.  

2013 : Digital zoom and panning animation of paintings using Photoshop and Adobe After Effects used for outdoor screening ‘Travel Posters @ the Night Gallery’, produced and directed by artist Alison Masters.

2012 : Canadian Coordinator for internet online animation collaboration “Mar de Fondo 2”, involving groups of animators in Spain, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Colombia. Artists shared artwork through a server to up and download artwork.

2011 : C’est la vie: The Chris J. Melnychuk Story, documents the award-winning animators battle with cancer. Building on live footage from Chris’s last, unfinished film, C’est La Vie was created posthumously through the collaboration of 19 animators from Quickdraw Animation Society.

2007 : Directing ‘Optical Orchestra’ live group performance with multi projection, 16mm violin, human projection screens and optical sounds: ‘Giant Incandescent Resonating Animation Festival’, Calgary.

2005-2007 : ‘RAIN’ (Beatles Tribute Band) live music. ‘A Day in the Life’ to segments of Garbanzo and Linear Dreams animated films.

2002-2007 : ‘LaForge’ Compositeurs Improvisateurs  Jazz Group / France live jazz music with animated film Sea Song, touring concerts in Europe.

2003 : Directing live performance, “Optical Orchestra” with multi-film projection, 16mm violin and optical sounds. Opening Night: CSIF $100 Film Festival, UptownTheatre, Calgary.

2002 : Directing live performance, ’Scratch Track’, Ottawa International Animation Festival Opening and Closing nights: National Arts Centre.

2001 : ‘LaForge’ Compositeurs Improvisateurs  Jazz Group and Children make live music with animated film Sea Song. Banlieues Bleues Jazz Festival , St. Denis  France.

1999 : ‘Orchestra Regional de Jazz’: Rhone Alps, making live jazz music with animated film Linear Dreams. Grenoble Jazz Festival , France.


‘Optical Orchestra’ in action CSIF $100 Film Festival.

human projection screen at GIRAF.